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Dichotomy | Di·​chot·​o·​my

To be Dichotomous is to have more than one side. We believe there is more than one side to every story. We believe that there is more than one way to pick a grape and more than one place to pick a grape. We are here to showcase how soils, location, and harvesting can have a Dichotomy.

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Our Wines

We believe that there is more than one way to pick a grape. We started Dichotomy to showcase what different grape varieties can do at different degrees of ripeness. We have evolved to show how the same grapes can look similar yet different when they come from a different land.

We started with Mataro. Also known as Mourvèdre or Monastrell, this variety can be easily forgotten when it is blended into Grenache and Shiraz. Each of these wines highlight a new aspect of Mataro.

We have expanded to include Washington State into our portfolio to showcase the Dichotomy between two differing worlds.

Our Story

Dichotomy Wines is a partnership between Winemakers Rosie Signer and Jarred Jenner. With 40 Vintages between them, they bring a wealth of global experience to small batch production.

Rosie travelled from America in 2010 to do a single Vintage in South Australia, fell in love with the McLaren Vale region and stayed. Prior to living in Australia, Rosie worked in Italy, Washington State, and Oregon and has done 18 Vintages. As she now calls both countries home, she loves exploring what each variety can do in different parts of the world.

Jarred grew up in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, and started his winemaking career there. After being a traveling winemaker for many years working in California, Oregon, Canada and Austria, Jarred found a home in McLaren Vale for many years. He has done 22 Vintages in total, worked with fruit from all over South Australia, and spent many years managing a large winemaking facility.

Rosie and Jarred have expanded from South Australia and have taken on a vineyard in the Yakima Valley in Washington State. They are excited to bring the Australian wines to showcase the similarities and the differences between the two hemispheres.